Accessible Health Care services

Accessible Health care Services

To provide affordable, accessible and inclusive health care services to all. CHEF's international accessible and inclusive health initiative have been focused on the provision of quality health care services to all through capacity building of medical and paramedical staff, installation of latest equipment and technology and enabling an accessible environment for the patients.

Comprehensive Eye Care Services

To reduce the prevalence of avoidable blindness and Visual impairment through provision of comprehensive and primary eye care services in line with the Global Initiative of Vision 2020 'Right to Sight' and Sustainable development goals and Universal eye health (Qol). CHEF is a member of International Association of Prevention of Blindness (IAPB). Since its inception, CHEF has actively been involved in the provision of quality, affordable and inclusive district based eye care services to all. CHEF has established both primary as well as secondary level eye care services and are providing preliminary eye screening, refractive error, cataract and referral services to the marginalized and poor people residing in the remote areas.

Mental Health Services

To improve the quality of life of persons having mental health related issues through provision of counseling, treatment and referral services. CHEF International mental health teams are providing screening, counselling and rehabilitation services through involvement of trained psychologist, psychotherapist and psychiatrist. CHEF-I is working closely with many stakeholders to promote better mental health and wellbeing based on a philosophy of recovery and inclusion within the community.

Ear care services

To reduce the prevalence, incidence and impact of hearing loss in the community, through public health approaches that are integrated with the country's health system and service delivery. CHEF is the member of World Wide Hearing and produces trained Human resources in the field of ear and hearing care. CHEF is also piloting a model at primary level to evaluate the individual's hearing loss and treatment needs, auditory rehabilitation and counseling services for better integration of patients into society.

Maternal child Health Services

To improve and provide quality, accessible and affordable MNCH services for all, particularly to the poor and the deserving mothers.