Dar ul Rehmat Medical Complex (House of Blessing) Charsadda

Established on November 18th, 2011, Dar ul Rehmat Medical Complex in Shaikh Kaly, Charsadda, stands as a testament to CHEF International's commitment to healthcare. A generous donation from the noble Durrani family of district Charsadda facilitated the establishment of Dar ul Rehmat, also known as the House of Blessing.

The hospital, strategically located on Sheikh Kalley Charsadda Peshawar Road, houses specialized units such as Eye, Mental Health Services, Gynae, Physiotherapy, General Medicine, and Prosthetic & Orthotic Services. The primary objective is to provide comprehensive, accessible, and sustainable medical and rehabilitation services to marginalized groups, ensuring dignity and honor in every interaction. In addition to its core services, Dar ul Rehmat actively engages in outreach efforts, conducting regular free medical and diabetic camps for the local population.