Global Rehabilitation Leadership Institute (GRLI) course 12 and July 22,2023

The Learning. Acting, and Building for Rehabilitation in Health Systems (ReLAB-HS) program is a comprehensive five-year initiative funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). This program addresses the increasing demand for physical rehabilitation and assistive technology services in low and middle-income countries. Operating at all levels of the health system, ReLAB-HS focuses on enhancing technical, policy, and research capacity, fostering political commitment, and nurturing leadership. The approach is participatory, involving end users, including individuals with reduced functioning, disabilities, and those affected by conflict. The second offering of the Global Rehabilitation Leadership Institute (GRLI) course occurred between June 12 and July 22, 2023, involving 42 stakeholders from Pakistan and Uganda. Organized by JH-IIRU as part of the ReLAB-HS activity supported by USAID, the course brought together leaders from government, healthcare, academia, media, and NGOs. The blended course, featuring both virtu- al and in-person components, aimed to build leadership capacity in addressing the need for accessible and high-quality rehabilitation and assistive technology services within participants' respective countries.

virtual segment covered five online modules on technical concepts, leadership principles, evidence-informed decision-making, implementation science, and rehabilitation interventions. Subsequently, the in-person training in Islamabad, Pakistan, included technical presentations, panel discussions, and practical applications, with participation from distinguished local and global speakers. The training facilitated knowl- edge exchange, shared experiences, and net- working opportunities, contributing to the over- all success of the program. CHEF international team also participated in the training program and successfully completed the all modules of the training.