Provision of 1500 wheelchairs to persons with Disabilities in 6 Districts of Pakistan

The demand for Wheelchairs in Pakistan is significant, driven by factors such as a large population, a considerable number of individuals with disabilities, limited accessibility, and inadequate healthcare resources. Many people, especially those facing mobility challenges, encounter difficulties in obtaining proper mobility aids like wheel chairs. To address this urgent need, CHEFI collaborated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints-Pakistan to launch a wheel- chair distribution project focused on densely populated districts in Punjab and Sindh provinces. Foreign experts were brought in by LDSC to train master trainers and local OPD members in the targeted districts on ISWP basic wheelchair service modules

Following the training, OPD representatives returned to their districts, utilizing their new- found skills to identify suitable individuals with physical disabilities for wheelchair distributions. A personalized assessment was conducted for each individual, taking into account their specific needs and disabilities. Wheelchair distribution commenced after completing training for CHEFI's local partner OPDs and assessing individuals with physical disabilities in six districts. The distribution occurred from June to December 2023, resulting in the effective distribution of approximately 1,470 customized wheelchairs tailored to the specific needs of individuals with physical disabilities.