School Screening Programme

School Screening Programme:

CHEF international has been dedicated to providing free eye care services to underserved communities through various screening camps and school programs. Since October 2020, we have made significant progress in providing eye care services to over 57,000 individuals, including school children and community members.

School Screenings:

Nazar 2020 Project: We screened over 12,000 school children in 12 public sector schools in Islamabad, distributing over 550 spectacles.

Follow-up Screenings: We conducted follow-up screenings for over 7,000 school children, distributing over 150 spectacles.

Islamabad School Screenings: We screened over 1,000 school children, providing over 30 spectacles.

Mardan School Screenings: We screened over 10,000 students for refractive errors, distributing over 300 spectacles. We also screened over 50 public sector schools, covering over 15,000 school children and providing over 200 spectacles.


Community Camps

CHEF international arranged over 30 free eye care camps, providing services to over 10,000 individuals.


Over 57,000 individuals have been screened for refractive errors and over 2,000 spectacles have been distributed to individuals with refractive errors.

Our eye care services have made a significant impact on the lives of thousands of individuals, providing them with the gift of clear vision. We remain committed to continuing our efforts to reach more communities and provide essential eye care services to those in need.